What if the meaning of our life isn't how we grow and what we accomplish for ourselves, but instead about what God grows and accomplishes through us? He has called us to be fruitful...

2020 Vision Meeting

Vision Meeting

We looked back at what God did through Merge in 2019 and looked forward with expectation on what we believe in faith He is going to do in 2020


Ready, Set,...

Something happens when we allow God to take us past what we need Him to do in our life, and allow Him to use us to impact what people need in their life.


We’re constantly trying to portray that we have it all together –especially during the holiday season. But Christmas isn’t about having it all together and looking perfect. It’s about remembering why we needed and received the one who is perfect.


From the foundations of the world to the foundations of your heart, God knows, God cares, God loves, because God made.

Hello, My Name Is...

‭Who are you? No, like who are you? Yes, you have a name that everyone calls you, but did you know God has other names for you? 

Knowing who you are all starts with knowing who God is, and knowing who you are to Him

The Moral of His Story

Every story has a lesson, and every story has to be told.

Every story, every parable Jesus told had a lesson, and every lesson is still there for us to learn today.

Price Check

Whether you know it or not, your are valuable! Time for a price check: knowing your value in Christ in a sold out world.