Drained? Feeling empty? As much as we want to try and fill ourselves up, it only happens when we plug into God.

Hello, My Name Is...

‭Who are you? No, like who are you? Yes, you have a name that everyone calls you, but did you know God has other names for you? 

Knowing who you are all starts with knowing who God is, and knowing who you are to Him

The Moral of His Story

Every story has a lesson, and every story has to be told.

Every story, every parable Jesus told had a lesson, and every lesson is still there for us to learn today.

Price Check

Whether you know it or not, your are valuable! Time for a price check: knowing your value in Christ in a sold out world.

Level Up

There's an internal desire to face new challenges, to get better, to see new places, to move forward. Everyone one of us has a next level, and God wants every one of us to get there.