Aug 01, 2021 | Matt Shaylor


 -"For you to find real piece you need to understand what you have been divided from in your life"

-"Real peace isn't dictated by outward circumstances but is actually reflected from inward understanding

-"Real peace, true peace doesn’t come from what is going on around you, but it’s a reflection of what it going on inside of you."

- "Peace is something that is independent of outside circumstances, one doesn’t find peace based on what they have, they find peace based off of where their heart is."

-"Peace has to do with the “joining together of what was once divided, peace is found when we join back together with Jesus"

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What if the meaning of our life isn't how we grow and what we accomplish for ourselves, but instead about what God grows and accomplishes through us? He has called us to be fruitful...

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